This pop-up blog is my assimilation of the information and guidance offered by Emily Bennington and Debra Hickok over five weeks of Ready To Lead: Mindful Wisdom @ Work. As such, I thank Emily and Debra for the clear framework on which to hang these thoughts.

girl lying in the grass


Week 1: Mindful Thinking

Week 2: Mindful Living

Week 3: Mindful Visioning

Week 4: Mindful Leading

Week 5: Mindful Eating



One thought on “Contents

  1. Lib! THANK YOU so much for sharing this. Your writing is beautiful (not that I expected any different) but the way you incorporate the lessons so fluidly into your own life story was such a pleasure to read. Truly. I hope you are saving copies of these posts for your kids. Xo /Emily

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